United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST) is a unique organization grown out of the community, not brought in by an outside organization. Membership is comprised of over 200 East African women working on a volunteer basis with other East African women and youth in San Diego.


Our organization offers several different cultural and educational enriching activities and programs and works with others organizations to provide their services in culturally appropriate programs.

East African families use the East African Center

Dunya Women’s Health Collaborative | UCSD Center for Community Health

Dunya Women’s Health Collaborative

UWEAST is a partner of the Dunya Women’s Health Collaborative at UC San Diego Center for Community Health, launched in 2016 ...
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The Hub space for East African young men with counselors

The Hub

The Hub is a safe and fun space at our center for male youth to come together for recreational activities, ...
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Women's Only Yoga at UWEAST

Women’s Only Yoga

The purpose of the women’s only yoga is to encourage healthy lifestyles and offer local refugee women a community-supported alternative ...
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Urban Beats artistic transitional age youth program

Urban Beats

A partnership with the San Diego County Division of Behavioral Health Services, the Urban Beats program is an artistic transitional ...
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Girl’s Only Basketball League & Swimming Classes at YMCA

Girl’s Only Basketball League & Swimming Classes at YMCA

The goal of the all girls swimming and basketball program is to give female community members the opportunity to exercise ...
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Dialogue with a Doctor at United Women of East Africa

Dialogue With a Doctor

Dialogue with the Doctor is a monthly evening preventive health discussion led by a physician for refugee women to comfortably ...
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Making Connections for Young Men and BOys Mental Health program at United Women of East Africa

Making Connections

UWEAST is currently implementing an actionable prevention plan to improve the well-being of East African boys and men, by simultaneously ...
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Girls Only Financial Empowerment program at United Women of East Africa

Girls ONLY!

This year long program was designed to introduce young girls to financial literacy and empower them to be confidant. October ...
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Youth Public Speaking Workshops at United Women of East Africa

Public Speaking Workshops

Middle and High school students participate in a series of 6 public speaking workshops to improve their public speaking and ...
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East African youth workshop at Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab

Thinkabit Lab Workshops

Youth programming and workshops at Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab is designed for students to have a hands on experience for engineering ...
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Volunteers Tutoring Students at United Women of East Africa


Every Tuesday, UWEAST hosts academic tutoring sessions in every subject and across all grade levels, which is led by local ...
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Refugee Student Resource Program in partnership with South Sudanese Community Center of San Diego

Refugee Student Resource Program

UWEAST and the South Sudanese Community Center offer support with English language acquisition. Participants can practice independently with computer software ...
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Connecting Souls monthly program for girls at United Women of East Africa

Connecting Souls

Connecting Souls is a monthly program for adolescent girls to gain exposure to various career fields through guest presentations by ...
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East African High School Fellowship in San Diego

High School Fellowship

UWEAST provides young people with opportunities for professional development by providing 1:1 support to cater to individual needs. October Fundraiser ...
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East African Entrepreneur Women Vocational Catering Program Bilal and Baraka (Beginning and Blessing) at UWEAST

Bilal and Baraka (Beginning and Blessing)

Started in 2013, women entrepreneurs formed self-sustaining saving groups to promote economic and social growth. These entrepreneurs offer unique hand-crafted ...
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Cultural Literacy Training with Psychiatric Emergency Response Team

Cultural Competency Services

UWEAST is a locally sought-after provider of cultural competency forums, trainings and workshops to stimulate dialogue within the workplace or ...
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Me and My Image cluster of programs for East African girls and adolescent women

Me and My Image

Me and my Image is a cluster of programs that address the elevated level of discrimination-related challenges facing girls and ...
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Youth Workshops at East African Cultural Community Center

Youth Workshops

Youth workshops for middle and high school students are held biweekly on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month ...
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Young East African Scholars program at United Women of East Africa

Young East African Scholars

Young East African Scholars is a program targeting males, which meets every Thursday from 5:00PM – 7:30PM. It offers skills ...
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Girl Scout Troop at United Women of East Africa

Girl Scouts

UWEAST offers a culturally tailored Girl Scouts program for East African adolescent girls, which meets on Monday evenings from 5:00PM ...
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Collective Voices Photography Project at United Women of East Africa

Collective Voices with The AjA Project

In partnership with The AjA Project, young East African girls are trained in film making and photography to share their ...
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