We have seen once again this year how kindness, generosity and support made 2022 a success! Our gratitude is for the spirit of generosity that is alive, mutually, in our communities. This past year we have seen how collective work, uplifting one another, and giving respect is the key to success.

This #GivingTuesday, we hope you can support our signature vision of collective care, which includes creating a sense of belonging for those who made difficult journeys across continents to seek refuge and safety in San Diego for themselves and their families. Helping them to create a legacy and positive image in their new community, the one we all call home, is at the forefront of this vision.

This past year the United Women of East Africa Support Team focused specifically on breaking the poverty cycle and addressing mental health. One of the key factors that interrupts those traps is economic opportunity, which is why we zeroed in on employment and for youth and women – starting with education on financial literacy.

Our flagship program, Bilal and Baraka, meaning Blessings and Beginnings, began to thrive in 2022, thank God! We are asking you to support its mission of buying kitchen equipment that will efficiently and speedily make their business grow.

We would be honored if you considered making a gift to support this expansion and deepening of our programs. Can you help us reach our goal of $10,000?

In Community,
United Women of East Africa Support Team