Role on Board – Secretary

Anna Shayo is an experienced professional with a strong background in operations and a passion for promoting equity and social change through her work. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fruitcraft Distillery and Event Venue (Fruitcraft), she holds a crucial position in the company, where she is responsible for developing policies, ensuring compliance, overseeing projects and budgets, and working towards achieving the business objectives of the company by promoting efficiency and profitability.

Anna’s academic background includes a B.A. in International Development and Social Change from Clark University in Worcester, MA. Her interest in the role of food in shaping culture and its impact on indigenous and migrant communities in the U.S. has been a driving force in her career. Before her current role at FruitCraft, she actively participated in food justice movements, working with indigenous and refugee communities in southern California.

Anna’s commitment to community organizing and equity extends beyond the nonprofit sector. She brings her grassroots organizing framework and dedication to creating a more equitable workplace to the for-profit food & beverage and events industry.

In 2018, Anna joined the board of directors for the United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST), where she currently serves as the Secretary. She is committed to contributing to the community and making a positive impact on a broader scale.

With her combination of operations expertise and social advocacy, Anna brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to her role as the COO at Fruitcraft, and in her endeavors with the UWEAST.