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Translation & Interpretation

We speak Somali, Amharic, Swahili, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kizigula, Dinka, and many more African languages.

Volunteer with United Women of East Africa Support Team San Diego

Volunteer Opportunities

We provide tutoring to students of all ages and host community events that always need volunteers.

Request Training by Event at United Women of East Africa Support Team San Diego

Cultural Competency Training

Our professional staff spanning various disciplines provides cultural training to local groups.

Education at United Women of East Africa

Mental Health Professionals

Our multilingual and culturally-competent counselors and facilitators can aid in your project.

Partner with United Women of East Africa


Our community-leadership approach fuels successful partnerships with many stakeholders.




We envision empowered East African Women who are able a positively influence the health and education of her family and community.


Making Connections for Young Men and BOys Mental Health program at United Women of East Africa

Making Connections

The UWEAST coalition is one of 16 selected from almost 250 to participate in Making Connections, funded by Movember and led by Prevention Institute, to elevate community wellbeing for East African men and boys in San Diego.

Collective Voices

Collective Voices is a partnership with The AjA Project to engage young East African women to communicate themes of identity and contemporary women’s issues through the photography and narrative with techniques learned in the classroom.

Girl Scouts

About 25,000 San Diego girls are served by troops, and Scout Troop 4307 is just one example of how the refugee families are tailoring U.S. customs for their mostly American-born children. In addition to learning about their heritage, the girls do common Girl Scout activities.

United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST)

We strive to be the force for culturally competent health services, education and advocacy for the well-being of the East African community:

Health at UWEAST


We provide healthy lifestyle and wellness services and educational events tailored to youth and adults of various ages and backgrounds, with focuses on cultural competency and prevention.

Education at United Women of East Africa


We offer economic and educational empowerment youth programs, tutoring, fellowships, and adult learning through entrepreneurship and financial literacy and responsibility interwoven throughout.


We believe in a holistic view of health that looks at community too: with leadership development, civic engagement and community involvement playing a part in numerous services and programs.



Every donation helps us to host our daily programs to benefit the East African community.

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